History of Toastmasters International

 Join the culture of like-minded communicators.

toastmasters historyVery rarely does a group manage to combine communicative skill, persuasive speech, and logical thinking into one amazing collaborative institution. This is exactly the feat which Toastmasters International has achieved. Masterfully coming together as a group with similar minds and desires to do better in communicating and thinking, Toastmasters International is truly a club with noble intentions.

You’ve probably had the unfortunate and embarrassing experience of not getting your message right. You’ve probably tried being caught in the crossfire of an argument because of an error of interpretation. These are the errors that Toastmasters would specifically help you to avoid, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to bring those skills to a more large scale perspective and context – public conventions, forums, debates, and many others. There are traning camps being held abroad for the members and they provide a free time to take a tour in the city. For example, if members go to Amsterdam, they can sign up for a tour online and choose right there what to do by typing “doen in amsterdam” to see “bezienswaardigheden amsterdam en omgeving“. An Expedia discount code could be used to book a reservation for flights and hotels so you don’t have to worry for the travel expenses.


The Club’s History and Advocacies

toastmasters clubThe organization grew out of a single club, Smedley Chapter One Club, which would become the first Toastmasters club. It was founded by Ralph C. Smedley on October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, United States. Toastmasters International was incorporated under California law on December 19, 1932. Throughout its history, Toastmasters has served over four million people, and today the organization serves over 345,000 members in 142 countries, through its over 17,000 member clubs.

Just recently, Toastmasters developed a new program called Pathways for Education. This is a modernization of the Toastmasters education program that better reflects real-world communication and leadership scenarios. The target is for the members to develop skills in many different areas—communication, leadership, management, strategic planning, service to others, public speaking and more. Members have the opportunity to complete projects that range in topic from persuasive speaking to motivating others to creating a podcast to leading a group in a difficult situation.

This is the defining core of the Toastmasters curriculum, which is called the Communication Track. It is composed of the Competent Communication manual (formerly called Communication and Leadership Program) and a set of fifteen advanced manuals. The manual consists of ten speech tasks that eventually get more challenging as you go along. For the advanced manuals, on the other hand, there are five projects each, and each manual focuses on a particular aspect or type of presentation (such as technical presentations, storytelling, or interpersonal communication).

Aside from all that, Toastmasters also prides itself on being a center for development of leadership skills. This is partly because of the fact that Toastmasters International is completely composed of volunteers who willingly commit themselves to the cause of the organization. Even the board of directors is composed of volunteers, who still hold memberships in local clubs and are not paid.

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